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    Thanks to Einstein, we now know that matter is a stable form of energy. But what then is energy made of? Energy is never observed as a physical thing unto itself, apart from matter–-just like Information. Hmmmm.

    Early physicists argued whether energy was a material substance (ie- the Caloric, Phlogiston) or merely a physical quantity (a unit of measure).  Obviously, a quantity measure, say a “liter”, is not matter, but an imaginary container of something. In the case of energy, it’s still not clear what that “something” actually is.

    The current view is that energy is not composed of material atoms, but possibly “strings” of vibrating space-time. In calculations it is defined as a “scalar physical quantity”.  A scalar quantity is basically a measure-ment of something. Yet for energy, the thing measured is not length, width, height, or even duration, but intensity or density, which is directly proportional to wavelength. The frequency of an energy wave is more like a quantum of time, than an extension in space.   

     Scientists have noted that Time and Energy are directly proportional to each other. Matter cannot exist apart from Space, and Energy cannot exist apart from Time, because it is essentially a measure of change-over-time (evolution). Change is not a physical object, but a relationship between objects at different points in time. Energy is measured not in discrete amounts, but as a ratio in degrees of a whole.

    So in the final analysis, Energy is not really a physical substance, although physicists vainly continue to look for discrete “particles” of energy and force. It is instead a temporal relationship, not between physical objects, but between points in space-time. At one point in time the “object” is here; at another point it is there; hence we say that an immaterial quantity of energy was imparted to the object in order to cause the change. We never actually see the energy, we only notice the change of form or location. Therefore, like Time, Energy seems to be Real only in a mental sense as a concept.

    Physicists refer to kinetic energy as the Cause of Change,and to potential energy as the Power to cause Change. In this thesis, I refer to Energy as In-Form-Action : the power to cause a change of form.


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Some of the most fundamental rules of physics–-the laws of thermodynamics, for example, and the laws that tell how collections of atoms move in a chunk of matter–-are, deep down, actually laws about information.
—- Charles Seife
        Decoding The Universe
What if
the Enformationism
model  is wrong?
In any case, the Materialism model must be modified or discarded.

Alfred E. Newman


Information is the foundational  element of the real world. It is that which gives form to matter and puts the “en” in energy. Without information, nothing would exist.
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